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Compatible With ALL Major BrowsersInternet Explorer 6+, FireFox 2+, Chrome, Safari 3+, Opera 9+

The EPG popover code is rigorously tested on all major browsers ensuring your popups reach as many of your website visitors as possible.

The easiest and fastest way to create popovers for all your websites... oh, and it's fun too! ;-)

No technical knowledge needed! Access the intuitive web-based interface from anywhere to create the exact popover you want in just few clicks. Full text and image editing, use the provided stock images or upload your own, plus many more features! The Easy Popover Generator is fast, efficient and best of all there's no coding!

Easy Popover Generator Features and Benefits
Create Popovers Fast & Easily

Create Popovers Fast & Easily

The EPG's fun easy-to-use interface allows you to create completely customisable popovers for your website in just a few clicks.

It literally takes a minute or two to create a popover and get it up on your website. Never has it been so simple, fast and fun!

Unlimited Site License

Unlimited Site License

An unlimited site license comes as standard with all EPG member accounts.

This means you can create as many popovers as you wish, for as many domains/websites as you wish. So even if you're a web designer, or internet marketing consultant, you can create popovers for all your clients websites as well!

No Coding/Technical Skills Required

No Coding/Technical Skills Required

EPG makes creating popovers click-and-point simple.

No messing around with code, server technologies or worrying if your script will work. Simply just create, export and upload!

Anytime Anywhere Access

Anytime Anywhere Access

The EPG is accessed via the web-based members area. This means you can access the software from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser.

So if you are traveling and need to create a new popover simply login to the members area and away you go.

Lightweight Fast Loading Script

Lightweight and Fast Loading

If your popovers load too slowly there's a chance your visitors will miss them entirely.

EPG popover script's are just ~6Kb in size so your popovers will load at lightning speed!

Unblockable Popups

Unblockable Popup's

Your popovers will always be seen because the EPG generates robust layer based popovers which are unblockable by conventional browser popup blockers.

As an added benefit, these type of popovers won't annoy your visitors as they don't impact their web surfing experience like windows based popup's do.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Wide Visibility

You don't want to spend time creating and implementing your popovers only to have a small percentage of your visitors actually see them. EPG popovers are compatible with all the latest browsers even spanning back to their earliest versions. Plus the popovers even work with the iPhone & Android mobile browsers!

EPG popovers support Internet Explorer 6+, FireFox 2+, Chrome, Safari 3+ and Opera 9+ (plus many lesser known web browsers).

Wide Compatibility

Wide Compatibility

EPG popover scripts will run on PHP, HTML and ASP pages.

The EPG scripts also work on both static sites and fully dynamic sites such as WordPress or Joomla!

Graceful Script Degrading

Graceful Script Degrading

If the unlikely happens, and your website visitor is using an incompatible browsing environment, the popover script will simply not appear. Unlike many other scripts, EPG popovers will not display a broken or non-functional popover.

By disappearing cleanly in these situations, EPG popovers help you maintain a professional appearance at all times.

Exclusive Popover Stock Images

Exclusive Popover Stock Images

We provide high quality stock images created exclusively for you to use in your popovers. The collection is always growing and can be easily accessed from the 'Add Stock Image' button in the EPG interface.

Here's a sample of some of the stock images:

Upload Your Own Images

Upload Your Own Images

As well as the provided stock images you can also upload your own images in to the Easy Popover Generator work area. This gives you limitless options for how you want your popovers to look!

Import any image you wish (gif, bmp, jpg/jpeg, png image formats are supported).

Image and Text Editing

Inbuilt Image and Text Editing

Have a specific idea how you want your popover to look? No problem, EPG has a full set of image and text editing options:

Images: scale, rotate, full anti-aliasing for smooth edges, png & gif transparency support, add multiple images to the work area.

Text: color, size, font-face, bold, italic, underline, rotate text, align left/right/center, layer multiple texts, change layer orders.

Full Alpha Transparency Support

Full Alpha Transparency Support*

Use transparency right and your popovers will "jump out" from your web page adding impact and getting them noticed.

EPG supports GIF transparency and also PNG 24 bit alpha channels. You can even layer multiple images with transparency giving you even more flexibility!

*(please note: Internet Explorer 6 does not support transparency)

Click-and-Drag HotSpots

Click-and-Drag HotSpots

Tedious, lengthy hotspot positioning is now a thing of the past! You no longer have to mess about with image editing programs to work out precise x/y coordinates for hotspots, only to then need to edit your code with the values.

With EPG it's infinitely easier. You simply click and drag the hotspot boundaries in to position and you're done in seconds, not minutes!

Precise Popover Positioning

Precise Popover Positioning

You can choose to position your popovers by exact x/y pixel coordinates or by a specific percentage of the browser window.

Additionally, vertical and horizontal positioning can be a mix of both pixel and percentage positioning.

Total Display Frequency Control

Total Display Frequency Control

Have total control over the frequency your popovers are displayed: always, never, once per browser session, once per timer delay. The timer delay option sets a cookie which prevents the popover from appearing again for a visitor until the time you specify has passed (for example, 3 days).

These multiple display options give you real flexibility over how often you would like your visitors to see your popovers.

Auto-Hide Popovers

Auto-Hide Your Popovers

You can set your popover to automatically disappear after a specified number of seconds.

This is very useful if you want to add a sense of scarcity by displaying an offer for just a short amount (potentially resulting in a higher click through rate).

Simple 2-Step Install

Super Simple 2-Step Install

After you have created a popover in the EPG all you have to do is upload two files to your web server and add one line of code to your html header. That's it!

Even if these very simple steps are beyond your technical know-how, there are video tutorials and forum/helpdesk support available to you, so you simply cannot go wrong.

Video Tutorials and Hands-On Support

Video Tutorials and Hands-On Support

We've made the EPG as easy as possible to use, but just incase you still need help, we've put video tutorials in the Members Area explaining how to use each aspect of the EPG.

Plus you can use the TekkTonix HelpDesk for further support should you need it. So fear not, you'll never be left in the dark! :-)

Tell Us Want YOU Want

Tell Us Want YOU Want

Would you like to see something added to the EPG? All you have to do is tell us and it might just get added!

Over time we will be adding new features based on user feedback and suggestions.

Surprise Bonus!

3 Exclusive Handwriting Style FontsBonus Gift: 3 Exclusive Handwriting Style Fonts
Handwriting style text can be very impactful when used with popovers, so we've had some specially made for you.

In the Member's Area you'll find 3 high-quality hand writing style fonts made exclusively for EPG members. These are not available anywhere else! Here's a sample of each font:

Bonus Font Samples
Software Requirements

EPG System Requirements:

  • Any Windows PC or Apple Mac with a web browser (Internet Explorer 7+, FireFox 2+, Safari, Chrome, Opera 9+)
  • Java Standard Edition build 1.6.0_20 and above (Java is FREE!)

Popover Script Requirements:

  • A website running HTML, PHP or ASP pages
  • Compatible web browsers: Internet Explorer 6+, FireFox 2+, Safari 3+, Chrome, Opera 9+
  • JavaScript must be enabled in the web browser
No Quibble 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
14 Day Money Back Guarantee!
If you join and you find the Easy Popover Generator is not for you (hard to beleieve but you never know!) simply tell us within 14 days of joining and we'll happily refund your purchuase.

Please note though, the price will be going up. Once you miss the current offer you won't be able to get back in at that price.

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This offer is valid for a VERY limited time during the launch period. Get in now if you want to secure access at this price. The price will be going up soon.

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